pla·cid′i·ty (plə-sĭd′ĭ-tē):

a feeling of calmness; a quiet and undisturbed feeling, feeling of calm; an absence of agitation or excitement, steadiness of mind under stress, peace of mind.

Placidity Wellness 

Reported Benefits of CBD:

  • May provide Pain Relief through anti-inflammatory properties

  • May help with Reduction of Anxiety and Depression

  • May help with Cancer-related symptoms

  • May Reduce Acne

  • Might have Neuroprotective Properties

  • May benefit Heart health

  • May boost Libido

  • May reduce Joint Pain

  • May help with Diabetes

  • May have anti-tumor effects

  • Could help with substance abuse issues

  • Could have antipsychotic effects


Who We Are

18:1 CBD:THC Capsules contain 3.5mg of THC and 60mg of CBD per capsule. This combination provides a noticeable calming and relaxing feeling for most customers. Just enough THC to activate the CBD but not enough to give you that “too high” feeling. Each capsule contains roughly 6x the average amount of CBD of most CBD pills on the market.


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